Shantou three-dimensional aircraft model craft factory

Shantou longhu district 3d aircraft model craft factory, is the simulation aircraft model professional manufacturing plant, the plant area 2600 square meters.Since 90 s, after 20 years of team efforts, dedication to the development of research, with fine, delicate, elegant, exquisite concept, gradually formed a set of strict production management system, more exquisite production technology, product quality higher requirements.Product main materials include (resin, plastic, alloy and new composite materials), four most specifications from 16 cm - 1080 cm is above, proportion of various models complete, and according to customer's different requirement to figure to sample production, products sold to domestic and foreign airlines, aircraft factory, science and technology exhibition hall, gift suppliers at home and abroad, foreign trade companies, etc., for many years to obtain the consistent high praise.Let us maintain relaxed and pleasant communication, sincerely provide you with higher quality, more refined products and services.