Shantou three-dimensional aircraft model craft factory

China Eastern Airlines technical party group platform promot



Civil Aviation Resource Network June 30, 2018 News: The long-term and healthy development of a state-owned enterprise is inseparable from the organizational guarantee and ideological guarantee of the enterprise. How to make full use of various resources through party and mass organizations to do a good job in the care of employees and promote the transformation of the company's "four modernizations" is an important issue of the era of the technical party committee of China Eastern Airlines.

The road to exploration, the search for a new model of grassroots party building

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines has more than 650 aircraft management aircraft, and controls more than 1,400 engines, guaranteeing 269 domestic and international sites, providing line maintenance services for more than 70 airlines, and guaranteeing about 2,000 vehicles per day. The normal flight of the flight. The technical company's work area is widely distributed, personnel are scattered, information collection and control are limited, and so on. The Eastern Airlines OA office system cannot be consulted at any time. At present, the company has more than 12,000 employees and is distributed in more than ten regions across the country. The proportion of young employees under 35 years old is over 60%. It is not easy to grasp the thoughts and behaviors of grassroots organizations and personnel in real time.

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